“One Night Sleepover Trip” Comeback! / Olia Pylypenko

# Entertainment 2018.03.07 View : 11872

“One Night Sleepover Trip” is a special travel show that is about to make a comeback on KBS World on March 13! The two hosts, Lee Sangmin and Kim Jongmin, travel to different countries where they approach absolute strangers to ask for a weird favor – if they could stay over at their place for free in exchange for good company.

Back in 2017, when the show aired for the first time, the two MCs went to Italy where they had hard times finding someone to host them. Just when they lost their hopes for finding a place, two beautiful girls approached them saying that they were interested in Korean culture and knew some K-pop artists; that is when the hosts Lee and Kim took their chance and asked if they could couchsurf at their place, surprisingly they said, “Yes!”

While spending time with the family, they got to know each other while exchanging personal stories as well as cultural norms, traditions, and foods. After such a short time, the MCs and the family managed to become good friends, and in the comeback episode, Italians are coming over to Korea, and this time Kim Jongmin is becoming the host. How will their trip go? What surprises are awaiting them?

Find out on Tuesday, March 13 on KBS World 23:00 (11PM) (UTC +9)


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