Girl's Day Yura & Minah @ LA Art District! [Battle Trip]

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The upcoming episode of 'Battle Trip' will feature Girl's Day's Yura and Minah's trip to southern California! They will battle against Choi Jungwon and Kim Jihun, who went to northern California in the previous episode.

Yura and Minah visited the Art District located in downtown LA, which has become a hot travel spot for its unique atmosphere. They were dazzled by the colorful graffiti that cover the walls of the Art District.

Minah planned a trip to the heart of the city, whereas Yura designed a trip to the suburbs. Minah's trip is modern and trendy, and it includes a Hollywood tour with a horse! Yura will present the beauty of nature, including the vast desert and emerald sea.

Stay tuned to find out what to see, eat, and do in California!

[Battle Trip]

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