Sian & Seungjae reunited as princesses?! [The Return of Superman]

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5-year-old best friends Sian and Seungjae will reunite after a long time and have a fun time. 

Last year during Chuseok holidays, the two met for the first time at seodang, a traditional village school. They also met at the charity market to celebrate the 4th anniversary of the program and went on an errand together, holding hands. These two boys have an irreplaceable chemistry. Whenever Seungjae hears the word "daebak" (jackpot), he would think of Sian.

In the photos from the upcoming episode, Sian and Seungjae are dressed as girls! They have blusher on their cheeks, and they are wearing a pretty purple dress. It's hard to take your eyes off of them.

On this day, Seungjae made a visit to Sian's house. Seungjae, who is an only child, goes through a special experience at Sian's: Seola and Sua turn him into a cute princess! Stay tuned to find out what more adventures await these two boys!

[The Return of Superman]

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