MAMAMOO shed tears for a grandpa who raises his grandson [Hello, Counselor]

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Guest on tonight's episode of 'Hello, Counselor' are Jeong Jaeyong from hip-hop group DJ DOC and four members of MAMAMOO!

Tonight, we will hear about a 68-year-old grandfather who is raising his grandson instead of his daughter. He says, "My daughter lives on the floor above, and I go to her house and take care of my grandson from 9 in the morning to 5 in the evening. Even when I'm back at my house, she would call me and ask me to change the diapers and put the child to sleep."

Even when her son was sick, his ungrateful daughter did not come home until late at night! MAMAMOO's members break down in tears as they listen to the grandfather's sacrifice.

Hwa Sa says, "My parents are my Achilles' heel. I grew up seeing my parents undergo hardships, so just hearing the word 'parents' brings tears to my eyes. You have to be good to your parents when they've raised you this well."

Whee In says, "It's so frustrating that it's driving me nuts. I'm not sure how to react because she (the daughter) talks so boldly. It feels like I'm talking to a wall."

Moon Byul and Solar say that it's been an opportunity to look back on how they have been treating their parents.

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