Hyun Moo hired a new stylist because Han Hyejin couldn't stand his fashion? [Happy Together]

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Jeon Hyun Moo reveals the untold story behind his romance with model Han Hyejin on tonight's episode of 'Happy Together.'

Yu Jaeseok claims that he sensed that Jeon Hyun Moo was dating someone even before the news went public.

Jeon Hyun Moo proves himself a romanticist and shocks the studio. He says, "It's been about 69 days since I started dating Han Hyejin." He's been counting the days!

He is also quite a dutiful boyfriend. He says, "I hired a new stylist recently. She's Han Hyejin's stylist. Han Hyejin said she couldn't stand my fashion." According to the stylist, Hyun Moo's legs are 18cm shorter than Hyejin's.

Stay tuned to check out their interesting love story! 

[Happy Together]

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