HIGHLIGHT Yoon Dujun & Lee Gi Kwang in Manchester, England! [Battle Trip]

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On the upcoming episode of 'Battle Trip,' HIGHLIGHT's Yoon Dujun and Lee Gi Kwang travel to Manchester, the heart of English soccer.

Yoon Dujun, who has already claimed 2 victories in 'Battle Trip,' boasts himself as a veteran trip planner and says, "If you just trust and follow me, you can go on a valuable trip."

Dujun and Gi Kwang have prepared a 'Highman Tour,' which consists of the 'Highman Action Tour' full of activities to relieve stress and the 'Highman Football Tour' that will make any soccer fanatic want to fly to Manchester. As Dujun and Gi Kwang are famous for their love of soccer, they made their bid for victory with soccer.

The first course of 'Highman Action Tour' is Museum of Science and Industry. As soon as they enter the museum, Dujun and Gi Kwang gape at the mind-blowing model airplanes for display. Later they try the virtual reality airplane pilot flight simulation. They also try indoor skydiving in Superman suits!

They begin the 'Highman Football Tour' by visiting the National Football Museum. Next up is the highlight of their trip, watching the Manchester derby in person, which refers to a football match between Manchester City and Manchester United. Dujun says, "This is the most historic day of my life." Gi Kwang screams in joy and says, "I've never been happier in 2017. I never imagined that I'd be listening to this sound that I used to only hear on TV."

[Battle Trip]

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