'Hyena On The Keyboard' Starring Ailee, GRAY, MeloMance, Rhythm Power to Premiere Tonight!

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New music-entertainment program 'Hyena On The Keyboard,' in which Korea's top musicians will compete to survive on the real-time music charts, announced the first collaboration lineup!

Whereas the pilot episode featured the competition among Yoon Jong Shin, Jung Jae-Hyung, GRAY and PENTAGON's Hui, the new format will feature an upgraded team battle format!

Beat maker and rapper GRAY will collaborate with 3-member hip-hop group Rhythm Power. We can already imagine their song to be a groovy and fun track.

Queen of OST Ailee and MeloMance's Jeong Donghwan will form a team against them.

Jeong Donghwan is in charge of composing, arranging and playing the piano in the 2-member indie band MeloMance.

'Hyena On The Keyboard' starring Ailee & MeloMance and GRAY & Rhythm Power will premiere on March 21 on KBS World.

[Hyena On The Keyboard]

Showtime : Wed 23:00 | Re-run: Wed-Thurs 05:30, Thurs 10:30, 18:20, Fri 12:10 (Seoul, UTC+9)


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