'The Beauty Season 2' Premiere: MCs have to reveal their bare faces every week!

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'The Beauty Season 2' will premiere tonight on KBS World! The new season stars actress Han Eun Jung, comedian Jang Do Yeon, FTISLAND's Choi Jong Hun, and makeup artist Park Taeyun.

Unlike existing beauty programs, 'The Beauty Season 2' aims to deliver reliable information after the 4 MCs use the "it" items in their daily lives.

Makeup artist Park Taeyun said, "Although the viewers might like to see us being funny and witty, I feel a sense of responsibility for informing about Korea's beauty accurately."

Han Eun Jung said, "There are many beauty related programs, but they're not all the same. 'The Beauty 2' is not focused on inner beauty. We'll use and present products that viewers actually use. We'll inform the viewers of approachable beauty know-how instead of difficult makeup technique. We'll stick to the basics."

In doing that, they have to reveal their bare faces every week. Jang Do Yeon said, "In trying to show you the before-and-after beauty care, we have to reveal our bare faces. I gave up everything and started from the bottom. I think I will be learning together in the program."

Han Eun Jung said, "To be honest, there's a lot of pressure in having to reveal my bare face every week. We all have a flaw that we want to hide, but we have to shoot with a self-camera with no other equipment. Our flaws can be noticed so clearly."

Choi Jong Hun from FTISLAND is known for his knowledge in beauty even though he is a male idol. He said, "Guys do a lot of beauty care too. But they usually don't know the specific names. I am learning a lot as I'm doing 'The Beauty.' I think I'm improving."

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Showtime : Fri 1:00 | Re-run Sat 07:00 (Seoul, UTC+9)


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