Wanna One sings a serenade of consolation to a troubled housewife [Hello, Counselor]

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Tonight's episode of 'Hello, Counselor' stars Lee Sangmin and Wanna One's Minhyun, Seongwoo and Jaehwan as guests.

During the opening, Wanna One's main vocalist Kim Jaehwan sings a serenade to MC Lee Yeong Ja. Everyone at the studio including Yeong Ja and the audience hold their breath to listen to Jaehwan's sweet voice. Once his serenade is over, Yeong Ja says, "This is going to be my national anthem from now."

Tonight, a troubled housewife talks about her husband who would not leave his room. She says, "My husband only stays in the room once he comes back from work. When I touch any of his belongings, he would get angry with me and say, 'Don't touch it' and 'Get out'." Even when our 3-year-old son goes into the room, he kicks him out and locks the door."

What could the husband be doing inside the room all alone? It turns out that he watches adult videos and celebrity photos! Not only that, he is addicted to playing computer games.

Even when she is telling her story, the housewife looks intimidated. She explains, "My husband always says that I'm stupid and tells me not to talk and just eat when I meet someone." She continues, "Once I got used to the criticism, I started admitting it. That's why I feel intimidated when I talk."

MC Shin Dongyeop says, "A guy who says such thing to his wife is the most ignorant person."

Kim Jaehwan sings a serenade to the wife to console her broken heart.

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