Top 5 My Favorite KBS World Drama Special

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Hi guys!! Today I want to talk about KBS World Drama Special. It's one of KBS World programs. It's just like drama series but it just has one or two episodes on it. Recently I've been re-watching KBS World Drama Special and I think even they have just one or two episodes they really have a good story and have good secret meaning on the story. If you like or enjoy to watch a mini-drama like this, I really recommend it to you to watch KBS World Drama Special. So, now I want to share with you all my favorite top 5 of KBS World Drama Special. Let's start it.

1. If We Were A Session

The Main Casts are:

Chae Soo-Bin as Yoon Hae-Rim

Jang Dong-Yoon as Uhm Ki-Seok

Jin Young as Oh Dong-Kyung


Two high school students were born and raised together as neighbors. This boy and girl are more like a married couple. They don’t say it, but they are precious to each other. Then one day, a new student appears. Unlike these two who don’t express their hearts, he’s brave and bold in expressing his feelings. He was enough to shake up the relationship of these two students. It was when everything was yet immature and clumsy. Let’s think about our forgotten past.


For me, I really love the way Uhm Ki-Seok act to Yoon Hae-Rim and them little interaction, they really look cute together.


2. My Happy Home

The Main Cast is:

Son Yeo-Eun as Yoon Se-Jeong

Lee Sang-Yeob as Kang Sung-Min


Genius scientist Se-Jeong lives with her cyborg husband Sung-Min. She erased Sung-Min’s memories and inputted new customized memories and information of her choosing, so she is able to enjoy a blissful marriage. Then someone Se-Jeong and Sung-Min knew before he became a cyborg starts coming to their home. This person tries to correct Sung-Min’s distorted memories while Se-Jeong tries to stop her. Sung-Min, in the meantime, starts lying like a human being. What happened before Sung-Min was turned into a cyborg?


I like the theme of the drama about the cyborg, and from this drama, there’s a lot of mystery that keeps coming from the story.


3. Let Us Meet

The main Cast is:

Son Ho-Jun as Cha Joo-Oh

Jo Bo-Ah as Lee Soo-Ji


What if a marriage bureau (like matchmaking company) existed in 1930s in Gyeongseong (old name for Seoul)? It was a chaotic period when Western culture and the concept of romantic and liberal relationship flushed in. This drama was produced based on the fact that the modern men and women’s biggest problem was having a relationship. It started with the thought of what if a marriage bureau that satisfies romantic relationship as well as marriage conditions. Let’s check out this marriage project of young Gyeongseong people in the 1930s!


It’s cute to see Lee Soo-Ji come to the Gyeongseong from her village so she can find a proper man that she can marry, and finally come to marriage bureau and interesting keep happen between Lee Soo-Ji and Cha Joo-ah


4. Dancing The Waltz Alone

The Main Cast is:

Moon Ga-Young as Kim Min-Sun

Yeo Hoi-Hyeon as Goo Gun-Hee


“Someone else’s misfortune is my happiness and vice versa.” The people currently in their 20s might be the age group who have internalized the concept of competition the most. Everything was evaluated in schools and they hid notes from each other to get better grades and go to better schools. How would they engage themselves in romantic relationships? What if your lover becomes your competition? The understand of bittersweet waltz.


This drama makes we realized how the world work, and not everything we want will go the way we want. But besides that, Kim Min-Sun and Goo Gun-Hee look really suited to each other


5. Kang Deokseon’s Love History

The Main Cast is:

Kim So-Hye as Kang Duk-Soon

Oh Seung-Yun as Kim Seok-Sam


Everyone knows who Yun Bonggil (Yun Bonggil was a Korean independence activist) is but not Lee Hwarim, who accompanied him. We know of the Korean Provisional Government, but we don’t know of Jeong Jeonghwa who took care of things inside Korea. We are unfamiliar with their names, but they were female independence activists who really existed. Just because their achievements weren’t recognized and they went different paths, they are being forgotten. This drama depicts the traces of these women.


First of all, I watch this because of I really fan of Kim So-Hye haha then I fell in love with this drama. Really love the character Kang Duk-Soon, a little girl with a pure heart who falls in love with Kim Seok-Sam and follow him to the city.

Yeah! So, that’s all, is there any of your favorite KBS World Drama Special here or you have another KBS World Drama Special that you like besides this 5, if you have you can tell me on the comment box below. I hope you can enjoy this article. If you want to watch KBS World Drama Special you can watch it on KBS World youtube Channel “KBS World TV”. Thanks for all, let’s meet on next article 


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