SHINee's ONEW cleared of sexual harassment charges and case is dismissed

# K-POP 2018.04.06 View : 4257

On April 6, SM Entertainment stated that the prosecution has dropped all charges against Onew. The case was dismissed based on Onew's statement and the fact that the victim dropped the charges against him.

On August 12 of last year, Onew was accused of sexually harassing a woman in her 20s at a club in Gangnam. His case was forwarded to the prosecution. At the time, his agency stated that Onew had visited the club to congratulate an acquaintance who was making a DJ debut, and the physical contact was made unintentionally while he was intoxicated. The woman acknowledged that the incident could have happened due to intoxication and submitted a withdrawal of charges.

After the charges were made, Onew stepped down from his role in the drama 'Age of Youth 2' and opted out from SHINee's concerts.

[Image source: SM Entertainment]


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