Jung Chan Woo's last broadcast before stepping down [Hello, Counselor]

# Entertainment 2018.04.30 View : 12243

The staff of 'Hello, Counselor' revealed the still photos of Jung Chan Woo during his last broadcast before stepping down due to health issues.

Jung Chan Woo did his best until the end for the viewers. Shin Dongyeop, Lee Youngja and Kim Tae Kwen tried not to reveal their sadness, and instead they showed passionate reaction whenever Chan Woo said anything.

The staff of the show thanked Jung Chan Woo and said, "We keenly feel his absence as we've worked with him for a long time. We think the viewers, too, might be sad at not being able to see Jung Chan Woo every Monday night for now. However, we hope to see him return in good health."

We pray for his quick recovery and return!


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