Wanna One will come back with title track 'Light' on June 4!

# K-POP 2018.05.23 View : 3416

On May 22, Wanna One revealed the name of the comeback title track and the cover image of its new special album ‘1÷χ=1(UNDIVIDED)’. The album will be released on June 4.

The title song is 'Light', and it is about a perfect love that cannot be separated by anything, and it is a continuation of the series of Wanna One's title songs that include 'Energetic', 'Beautiful', 'I.P.U.' and 'BOOMERANG.'

Besides the title song, Wanna One will promote as a unit with other songs in the album.

In addition, Wanna One will go on their first world tour 'Wanna One World Tour-ONE : THE WORLD' for three months, on which they will meet the global Wannables for the first time.

[Image source: YMC Entertainment]


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