HIGHLIGHT's Yoon Dujun banned from traveling abroad due to revised military service law in Korea

# K-POP 2018.06.08 View : 4722

On June 7, HIGHLIGHT's agency, Around Us Entertainment, stated, "As the military service law was partially revised as of May 29, 2018, it has become difficult for HIGHLIGHT's member Yoon Dujun to enter and depart from the country."

The agency continued, "Therefore, Yoon Dujun will not be participating in the 'K-food' festival in Hanoi on June 9 and fan meeting in Bangkok on June 24."

The agency pledged to do their best to compensate the fans who'd like to refund their tickets to the fan meeting.

Yoon Dujun, who was born in 1989, is old enough to enlist in the military. HIGHLIGHT's members have shared their plan to enlist at the same time on a TV show before. Meanwhile, Yoon Dujun has been cast as the lead role in a new drama that will be aired in July.

According to the revised military service law on permission to travel abroad, short-term trips are limited to 6 months for each trip and maximum 2 years in total. Once the enlistment date is fixed, the permission will only be given up to 5 days prior to the enlistment date, and the number of permissions are limited to five times.

[Image source: Around Us Entertainment]


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