GFRIEND, "There's no dating ban, but we're not thinking about dating." [Interview]

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GFRIEND will be releasing their summer mini-album 'Sunny Summer' on July 19 at 6 p.m. During an interview, the members revealed their thoughts on comebacks, dating, goals, and more.

GFRIEND will be releasing their summer mini-album \\\\\\\'Sunny Summer\\\\\\\' on July 19 at 6 p.m

Q: It's been 4 years since your debut. Do you feel pressured whenever you make a comeback?

Yuju: "Every time we prepare for comeback, we do it as if we're debuting. I've said in a lot of interviews that we have much to show you, and this comeback is one of them. Although we do feel pressured, we prepared for it thinking, 'Let's enjoy it. We have more to show them.'"

Q: How do you recharge yourselves?

Umji: "I'd watch a movie, or when there's no schedule, I'd order snacks at night and go shopping. It's simple like that. I get strength from being around the members more than anything."

Q: Is there any change in your company compared to when you had just debuted? For example, there's no more dating ban?

Sowon: "We didn't have a dating ban in the first place, but we're not thinking about dating. The biggest change is cell phones. It took us 2 and a half years to get a cell phone. I thought about what we used to do inside the car when we went to Busan in the past. Now we can listen to music with our phones. I think the quality of our lives got better just by being able to listen to music. Another big change is being able to meet our friends without the manager's company."

Umji: "The company shares more contents with us than before, so there's more feedback and sharing. Our perspective has become wider, so there can be more feedback and exchange of opinions."

Q: Is there a goal that you'd like to achieve?

Umji: "Our biggest goal is creating another color for GFRIEND's music, wishing that many people get to know more about GFRIEND."

Sowon: "We're very happy these days because we received great awards like the new artist award and main prize that we had wanted. From now on, rather than aiming for a certain award, we hope we can continue going to the awards ceremonies."

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