'The Ghost Detective' Press Conference with Choi Daniel, Park Eun Bin, E Jiah, Kim Wonhae!

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The press conference for new KBS drama 'The Ghost Detective' was held on August 29.

The press conference for new KBS drama \\\'The Ghost Detective\\\' was held on August 29.

In this horror thriller drama, Lee Dail, a detective who catches ghosts, helps his assistant, Jeong Yeoul,  solve the case of her younger sibling's death. They run into a mysterious woman, Seonu Hye, and get involved in a bizarre incident.

Choi Daniel, who plays Lee Dail, said, "When I was first offered the role, I was worried if I would be able to handle it. Thanks to the staff's support, we're doing a good job making it together. I'm always thinking about how grateful I am. I'm trying to do my best. I hope my efforts will be presented in a fun way. Since it is a horror-thriller, there is some tension involved, and it is a complex drama that combines elements of fantasy and romance. The drama is a new venture, and I'm sure many people will be able to enjoy it."

Park Eun Bin, who plays Jeong Yeoul, said, "I believed meeting this drama was fate. I thought it would be a drama that you can just trust and watch since I had heard a lot of good stories about the director and the script writer. I joined hoping that I'd get to love my character, and I could not be working with better people. Although there are some scary parts due to the horror element and there are a lot of scenes where I have to pour out my emotions, I am having fun shooting the drama. We're fighting the heat wave."

E Jiah, who plays Seonu Hye, said, "Seonu Hye is a mysterious woman who shows up wearing a red dress every time a case occurs and drives everyone into a maze. Horror-thriller is a unique genre and the character is very unusual, so I really wanted to do it. I need to reply to your questions about my character, but I can't because I'm afraid it might be a spoiler."


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