Park Myungsoo & Eom Hyun Kyung to step down from 'Happy Together'

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 On September 12, the staff of \'Happy Together\' revealed that they are

On September 12, the staff of 'Happy Together' revealed that they are "discussing plans for 'Happy Together Season 4'" and that Park Myungsoo and Eom Hyun Kyung will be stepping down from the show.

Park Myungsoo joined 'Happy Together 3' in 2007 as the MC and has appeared on the show for 11 years. Eom Hyun Kyung became an official MC in 2016 after 4 weeks of "internship."

'Happy Together' and its main MC Yu Jaesuk are putting their efforts into creating a new season, as they figured that it's time for change since season 3 has been airing for 11 years. There will be a major turnaround, although the timing of the new season is undecided.

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