BTS' Jungkook injures his heel, will perform at London concert while sitting

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On October 10, BIG HIT Entertainment announced on Twitter,

On October 10, BIG HIT Entertainment announced on Twitter, "There is an issue with BTS' member Jungkook, who was going to perform at LOVE YOURSELF concert in London."

The company continued, "About 2 hours ago, while Jungkook was warming up lightly at the waiting room after completing the rehearsal and sound check, he hit his heel against the furniture and tore it. The medical team was urgently dispatched to the concert hall and treated the injured area. According to the medical team, although it is not a serious injury, due to the possibility of bleeding in the injured area, he should not dance during today's concert."

Therefore, although Jungkook will participate at today's concert, he will be sitting in a chair without dancing. The agency stated, "We sincerely apologize for causing worry to the fans who have waited for BTS' LOVE YOURSELF concert."

[Image source: BIG HIT Entertainment]


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