BTS appears on the cover of TIME magazine as the 'Next Generation Leaders'

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TIME magazine announced that BTS' photo will be on the cover of its latest edition, which will be published on October 22. The title of the article on BTS is 'How BTS Is Taking Over the World.'

 The title of the article on BTS is \\\'How BTS Is Taking Over the World.\\\'

In the article which has already been published online, TIME wrote, "Like The Beatles and One Direction before them, BTS serves up a mania-inducing mix of heartthrob good looks and ear-worm choruses, alongside dance moves in the vein of New Kids on the Block and *NSYNC."

According to TIME, not only is BTS the first Korean artist to sell out a U.S. stadium, but they achieved this "without catering to Western audiences."

BTS' Suga said in the interview with TIME, “We started to tell the stories that people wanted to hear and were ready to hear, stories that other people could not or would not tell."

He continued, "We said what other people were feeling—like pain, anxieties and worries. That was our goal, to create this empathy that people can relate to."

BTS' leader RM said that the title of their album, 'LOVE YOURSELF', is the core to BTS' identity. He said, “Life has many unpredictable issues, problems, dilemmas. But I think the most important thing to live well is to be yourself. We’re still trying to be us.”

About how BTS' songs are in Korean but are still taking over the global market, Steve Aoki, a U.S. DJ who has collaborated with BTS, said that music “doesn’t have to be English to be a global phenomenon."

Suga said, “Even if there is a language barrier, once the music starts, people react pretty much the same wherever we go. It feels like the music really brings us together.”

Jimin added, “We give energy to our audience members and listeners, but we also draw energy from them.”

At the end of the interview, Suga revealed the group's latest ambition: "but maybe we could perform at the Super Bowl someday.”

Congratulations to BTS and A.R.M.Y.!

[Image source: TIME]


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