Seventeen's Hoshi & Wanna One's Park Woo Jin as special judges in 'Dancing High'

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Seventeen's Hoshi and Wanna One's Park Woo Jin will make a special appearance on this week's 'Dancing High'! They will be the special judges of the final dance battle, and they will give helpful advices to the teenage dancers.

[Image source: CJ DigitalMusic, Pledis Entertainment]

'Dancing High' is a dance battle program of the teenagers, by the teenagers, and for the teenagers, starring Jung Hyung Don as the MC and Just Jerk, Lia Kim, Lee Gikwang, Lee Seung Hoon and Hoya and the dance coaches.

Seventeen's Hoshi is known to be a skilled performer and choreographer, as he participated in creating the choreography of many of his group's songs. Park Woo Jin is the main dancer of Wanna One, known for his powerful performance.

Not only that, legendary dancers like J Black, Ha Huidong (Bboy Snake), and Poppin Hyun Joon will appear as special judges as well!

The staff of 'Dancing High' stated, "As it is the final battle stage, it's an honor to have the five of them as the judges. We ask for your interests in the commentaries that the judges will give to the teenage dancers."

Meanwhile, episode 6 will feature the battle between the ace units of the 5 teams. Stay tuned to find out the results!  


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