Han Seohee attacks BIGBANG's T.O.P, "Don't call me a gold digger"

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 Han Seohee attacks BIGBANG\'s T.O.P on social media,

While BIGBANG's T.O.P resumed his social media activity for the first time in a year and 6 months by uploading pictures of an American artist's artwork on his Instagram, Han Seohee, a former idol trainee who was found guilty of smoking marijuana with him, left a hateful message on her Instagram. Even though she did not directly mention his name, from the context it is pretty apparent that the message is targeted to T.O.P.

Below is a translation of her text. (Bear in mind that the language she used is pretty rough.)

Don't even think about returning.

How dare you crawl out like that?

I heard you go around telling your acquaintances that I received money from you, that I am a gold digger. You must have been telling it a lot since it even caught my ears. Would you stop talking about me.

Hey, if you're going to talk, at least pay me first. I know you have a lot of money.

I mean, it seemed like you were living a quiet life, so I was going to let it pass, but when I saw you uploading on your Instagram with such a thick skin, I decided to say my piece.

At least I'm not going to lie that you're a gold digger. Oh, you know it too, right? That I hid a few wrongs of your company. I'm just too nice. The reporters begged me to expose everything, to expose that event, but I refused all of them because I was afraid of you guys, but I should have exposed it back then. I believe you know what I am talking about. Why do you think I went there on that day? You guys know, right?

Oh, and please act your size, as well as your age. And stop pretending to be an artist.

You are just an old man, an old man.

[Image source: Han Seohee Instagram]


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