'Dancing High' final round! Who is the final winner?

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The 4-month of journey of 'Dancing High' will come to an end tonight.

The 4-month of journey of \\\'Dancing High\\\' will come to an end tonight.

While the final performance will decide the winning team, the 31 teenage dancers and their coaches put their heart and soul into the final performance.

The still photos of the final episode have been released. Just Jerk's Young Jay, who has been emphasizing stamina as a key element of dancing and made the dancers go through extra physical training, is commanding the rehearsal with charisma. The dancers lived up to the coach's efforts and carried out a witty performance.

Hoya's team, of which NCT's Jisung is a member, has prepared an emotional performance. Upon watching his team's performance, Hoya plops down on the ground, unable to suppress his feelings.

Lee Gikwang's Fiction team has prepared a performance with a twist that reminds of a scene in a fairytale.

Lia Kim's team will show a spectacular performance. Meanwhile, Lia Kim is so nervous that she covers her face with her hands and is unable to watch her team's performance.

Lastly, Lee Seunghoon's the Big Dipper team will show a sentimental performance. Lee Seunghoon is unable to hold back his tears.

Stay tuned to find out the winner of 'Dancing High'!

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