INFINITE, NU'EST W, Loveylz, Seventeen, Golden Child send support messages to KSAT-takers

# K-POP 2018.11.14 View : 3025

There is only one day left until the Korean college entrance exam, and some idol groups left heartfelt messages of support for the test-takers.  

INFINITE said, "You must be going through a hard time. We hope you will see good results on the KSAT. Don't be nervous. Fighting! Everyone, fighting!"

LOVELYZ, who will be making a comeback on November 26, said, "You must be feeling nervous and worried before the exam. As you have prepared for it for a long time, we really hope that you get the result you want."

Golden Child's member Choi Bomin, who is taking the KSAT this year, said, "I am taking the KSAT as well. Everyone, don't be nervous and do your best. You will do better than usual. You can do it!"

NU'EST W said, "Shall we start with a round of applause for the examinees who have been preparing for a long time? All of you worked hard until now. As you have prepared for it for a long time, don't be nervous, and we hope there will be a good result that satisfies you. We wish all of our L.O.Λ.Es the greatest luck, and NU'EST W will cheer for you. We hope L.O.Λ.Es will only walk on a flowery path from now and on."

Seventeen said, "November 15, 2018. What day is it? That's right, it's the KSAT. As you worked hard for it, don't be nervous and do well on the test just like how you prepared for it."

Check out the video messages below!


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