Sung Sikyung & Park Joon-Woo's gourmet trip to Barcelona, Spain! [Battle Trip]

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The upcoming episode of 'Battle Trip' will feature a gourmet trip special (feat. Lovelyz & Pentagon).

Lee Hwee Jae will team up with chef Lee Wonil and travel to Barcelona and Valencia in Spain.

Sung Sikyung will team up with chef Park Joon-Woo and travel to Venice and Bologna in Italy.

Park Joon-Woo, who is a chef as well as a food columnist, is well-versed in the food culture. Therefore, his trip to Italy will provide us a lot of knowledge about the background of the Italian cuisine. He will be giving out helpful tips related to eating while traveling.

Besides, Pentagon's Hongseok, Hui, Yeo One, and Shinwon and Lovelyz' Sujeong, Yein, Jisoo and Jiae are invited to the studio as "special tasters."

The taste of Barcelona, Spain will battle against the taste of Venice, Italy. The two chefs will be cooking the dishes that they actually tried on the trip, and Pentagon and Lovelyz will taste the food as the judges.

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