Lee Soo Kyung to star in 'Left-Handed Wife'

# Drama 2018.12.03 View : 6184

Actress Lee Soo Kyung will return to small screen for the first time in 2 years with daily drama 'Left-Handed Wife'.

Lee Soo Kyung to star in \'Left-Handed Wife\'

'Left-Handed Wife' is about a man who loses his memory and stars a new life after a shocking accident and his wife who does not stop searching for her husband who went missing on their honeymoon. This young couple is not able to recognize each other despite being very close in distance. When they finally recognize each other, they realize that love is not giving up.

Lee Soo Kyung will play the wife Oh Sanha.

The actress said, "I'm excited because I'm returning after a long break. I will be happily committed to the drama. Please watch it."

'Left-Handed Wife' will premiere in January next year.


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