Cha Eun Woo only dated once in his life? [Happy Together]

# Entertainment 2018.12.20 View : 3259

Tonight's episode of 'Happy Together' features 'Take Care of Yoon Hee Special.' The new main MC Jo Yoon Hee is recording the show for the first time. Her husband Lee Dong Gun and actors Choi Wonyoung, and Oh Eui-Sik and special MC Cha Eun Woo show up to support her.

Today's special MC Cha Eun Woo confesses that he had never been in a romantic relationship before becoming a trainee.

Yu Jaesuk asks, "Then did you date someone after you became a trainee?"

Cha Eun Woo admits that he went out with someone once.

He says, "I asked her what she thought of me, then she asked me back, 'How about you?'. I told her that I liked her too. We dated for a while."

[Happy Together]

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