Yu Jun Sang is infuriated at a funeral in new drama 'Liver or Die'

# Drama 2018.12.27 View : 3129

The oldest brother Pungsang (Yu Jun Sang) is helplessly watching his younger siblings who are draining his patience at a funeral.

The fourth sibling Hwasang (Lee Si Young) is casually taking a selfie at the funeral, while her brother Jinsang (Oh Ji Ho) is posing next to her.

The youngest sibling Oesang is about to throw the portrait to the floor. Each person is doing his or her best to ruin the solemn funeral.

Pungsang has been raising his younger siblings in place of their parents. But at the funeral, he is pushed too far by his immature brothers and sisters and his anger finally explodes.

Why are his brothers and sisters acting so immature, and whose funeral is this?

'Liver or Die' tells the story of a lonely, pitiful middle-aged man Lee Pungsang who has never lived for himself. It premieres on January 11 on KBS World. Stay tuned!


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