Jinyoung says he didn't leave B1A4 and there's possibility of reuniting

# K-POP 2019.01.04 View : 2596

Jinyoung stars in a new movie that is about to be released. 'The Man Inside Me' (direct translation) is a body-swapping comedy about a high school student who wakes up in the body of a guy in his 40's.

During an interview, when asked if he has turned into an actor for good, Jinyoung said, "Although I am more active as an actor now, I will continue doing music as I am constantly writing songs."

When asked about the possibility to see B1A4's performance as a whole, he replied, "I didn't leave B1A4. Performing as the entire group is open to possibility. That's what WM Entertainment said, and I think so too. And I hope that's what happens."

Last year, when his contract with WM Entertainment expired, Jinyoung chose to go separate ways and signed with newly created agency Link8 Entertainment. The rest of the members except Baro, decided to remain in B1A4.

[Image source: WM Entertainment]



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