Wanna One's Kim Jae Hwan to remain in Swing Entertainment as solo artist

# K-POP 2019.01.09 View : 4585

On January 9, Swing Entertainment, the managing agency of Wanna One, made an official statement revealing its partnership with Kim Jae Hwan.

Swing Entertainment stated, "After lengthy conversations among Stone Music Entertainment (Kim Jae Hwan's former agency), Kim Jae Hwan and Swing Entertainment, it has been decided that Kim Jae Hwan will continue his future activities with Swing Ent. Swing Ent. will give unsparing support for the planning, marketing and management of Kim Jae Hwan's solo activities and his musical development. Stone Music Entertainment will give its full support using the company's infrastructure regarding Kim Jae Hwan's future activities. We ask for your unchanging support for Kim Jae Hwan, who will return with great improvement."

Wanna One officially terminated its activities on December 31, 2018. From January 24 to 27, they will hold their final concert in Seoul.

[Image source: Swing Entertainment]


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