BTS' J-Hope celebrates his B-day by donating 100 million won

# K-POP 2019.02.19 View : 2003

On February 18, Childfund Korea revealed that J-Hope donated 100 million won to the organization on his birthday, in order to support students from low-income families who attend his alma mater. J-Hope went to an international high school in Gwangju. Childfund Korea will select students from the school and grant them scholarships.

This is not the first time that J-Hope has performed a good deed. On December 20 of last year, he donated 150 million won. At the time, Childfund Korea's staff said, "He donated in secret for children in need of help. The donations will be used to support students and child patients with financial need."

By donating a total of 250 million won, J-Hope became the 146th member of the 'Green Noble Club', which consists of donors whose donations surpass 100 million won.

[Image source: Big Hit Entertainment]


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