Legendary rock band 'Queen' Special! [Immortal Songs]

# Entertainment 2019.02.28 View : 4950

The upcoming episode of 'Immortal Songs' features the songs of legendary rock band from the 20th century, 'Queen.'

There will be six teams competing: legendary rock-ballad vocalist Kim Jong Seo, queen of rock Seo Moontak, powerful vocalist Son Seung Yeon, cross-over group Forestella, South Club's Nam Tae Hyun, and rising ballad singer Haeun.

As the artists have loved and admired Queen for a long time, they have prepared special performances to pay homage to Queen.

Especially, Nam Tae Hyun transforms into Queen's lead vocalist Freddie Mercury.

[Immortal Songs]

Showtime : Sat 19:15 | Re-run : Tue 09:55, Wed 17:00, Sat 06:05, Sun 00:00  (Seoul, UTC+9)


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