Cast of 'Doctor Prisoner' + Special MC Lai Kuanlin on 'Happy Together'

# Entertainment 2019.03.28 View : 4948

Tonight's episode of 'Happy Together' features 'Doctor Prisoner' special, starring Namkoong Min, Kim Byoung Cheol, Choi Wonyoung, Kwon Nara, and Lee Dain. Today's special MC is Lai Kuanlin.

Lai Kuanlin reveals a special promise that Wanna One's members made. He says, "We promised to have a reunion on every August 7th." August 7th is Wanna One's debut anniversary. He further continues, "The person who has earned the most money during the year will pay for the meal."

Kwon Nara and Lee Dain confess that they're Lai Kuanlin's fans. Lee Dain says, "I voted for Lai Kuanlin during 'Produce 101 S2'." Nara also says that she was a fan of the program but reveals that she voted for Ong Seong Woo.

[Happy Together Season 4]

Showtime : Thu 23:10  | Re-run : Fri 06:20, Sun 04:55  (Seoul, UTC+9)


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