DREAMCATCHER on this week's 'Immortal Songs'!

# Entertainment 2019.04.12 View : 1707

Dreamcatcher will appear in the upcoming episode of 'Immortal Songs' and perform the cover of Nami & Boom Boom's 'Like an Indian Doll'.

The contestants of this episode are: Kim Yong Jin, Son Seung Yeon, 6band, Park Sihwan, Nam Tae Hyun, and Dreamcatcher.

Before going on stage, Dreamcatcher says, "We will overcome the sad lyrics of the original song with Dreamcatcher's unique rock sounds and strength. Although we're nervous, we will create a fun performance."

Dreamcatcher's new version of 'Like an Indian Doll' features perfectly synchronized choreography. Stay tuned!

[Immortal Songs]

Showtime : Sat 19:10 | Re-run : Sun 13:20, Mon 07:45, Tue 10:15 (Seoul, UTC+9)


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