"Goochils" of "fromis_9" on [Hello, Counselor]

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Lee Sae Rom and Jang Gyu Ri of "fromis_9" are on the 413rd Episode of "Hello, Counselor." "fromis_9" is a nine member girl group and Lee Sae Rom is the eldest and the leader.

Three members, Lee Sae Rom, Song Ha Young and Jang Gyu Ri, were born in 1997.


The fans have been calling the three "Goochils (97s)." The group is scheduled to make a comeback on June 4, 2019.

It is now a tradition that some of guests in each episode say hello to their fans through V Live before taping a show. Lee Sae Rom and Jang Gyu Ri fiercely teased each other on V Live steaming. You can watch it below.

And you can watch the full video of the 413rd below.

On May 20, the 414th episode features Kim Jae Hwan.

[Hello, Counselor]

Showtime: Mon 23:20  | Re-run : Tue 06:30, Thu 15:05  (Seoul, UTC+9)

[Image Source: fromis_9 Official Twitter Account, OFF THE RECORD ENTERTAINMENT]



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