Idol Dad, Idol Mom and their Daughter [Return of Superman]

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Moon Hee Jun, Soyul, and their daughter will be on "The Return of Superman" very soon.

The crew of "The Return of Superman" has been recording the family and it released a first preview.

Moon debuted in 1996 and Soyul did it in 2012. Moon was the leader of the legendary K-pop boy group, "H.O.T.", and Soyul had been a member of a K-pop girl group, "Crayon Pop," until she married Moon in 2017.

[The Return of Superman]

Showtime :Sun 19:30 | Re-run : Mon 05:10, 18:25, Tue 13:30, 23:10, Wed 06:25, Wed-Sat 13:35 (Seoul, UTC+9)


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