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One of the cutest K-pop girl groups made a comeback in October, 2018, their special single album “From.9” with the title song “Love Bomb.”

fromis_9 is coming back with new songs at 6 p.m. on June 4, 2019 (KST).

They said they had a relatively long break but their YouTube and V Live channels don't seem like they had any.

The "captain" and the eldest of the group, Lee Saerom, made gifts for her "devoted retainers."

Song Hayoung (the "Vice Captain" and the second eldest), Jang Gyuri (the third eldest) and Lee Chaeyoung had a little fun at somewhere far from their training rooms. The trio is called "HaGyuYoung."

Gyuri and Chaeyoung also stormed a public VR gaming facility. I don't think you can watch it without laughing.

Lee Cheyoung is the youngest in HaGyuYoung trio, and she also traveled to Busan where the group's main vocalist, Park Jiwon, came from.

Jiwon has showed she has a great talent in singing since "Sixteen," the 2015 Mnet show where "TWICE" was formed. Is she also talented in baking?

fromis_9 is famous for their amount of streaming and they are called "V Live Queen." But Roh Jisun, Jiwon's same year born friend, is like "the Queen of the Queens." She even did ASMR videos.


Lee Seoyeon is famous for her gorgeous appearance and strong musical voice.

But, surprisingly, she can't even ride a bicycle. And her friends gave a lesson to her.

Many fans think fromis_9 is the most beautiful K-pop girl group. Some might ask, "then who's most beautiful in fromis_9?" I think Lee Nagyung has her own answer in this video. And I kind of agree with her.

Baek Jiheon remains a minor in the year 2019 as the next youngest members, Lee NagyungLee Chaeyoung and Lee Seoyeon who were born in 2000 became adults. In March, Jiheon entered a high school called "Seoul Arts High School" with Ahn Yujin in IZ*ONE.

Their fans and I are looking forward to watching their new music video. The teasers already looked great.

[Image Source: fromis_9 Official Twitter Account, OFF THE RECORD ENTERTAINMENT]


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