Left-Handed Wife

  • Genre : Drama Series
  • Premiere on KBSWorld : 20190109
  • Number of Episodes : 100
  • Runtime : 45'
  • Showtime : Mon-Fri 21:20 | Re-run : Tue-Sat 04:35, 09:35 (Seoul, UTC+9)


A man loses both his wife and memory because of others' greed and conspiracy. His wife does not stop searching for her missing husband. This young couple is not able to recognize each other despite being very close in distance. When they finally recognize each other, they realize that love is not giving up.


Oh Sanha (cast. Lee Soo Kyung)

She works in R&D of a cosmetics company. It was her mother who found and raised Suho after he was abandoned by his parents. She grew up with him and ends up marrying him, only to have him disappear during their honeymoon. She has been searching for her lost husband for 5 years, and she can't give up yet. Then a man called Park Dogyeong keeps bothering her.

Lee Suho (cast. Kim Jin Woo)

He is an emergency medicine resident. He was orphaned as an infant. He was always lonely at the thought that his parents abandoned him, but he changed after meeting Sanha. While on a honeymoon with her, he gets in a mysterious car accident. He wakes up after 5 years, but everything is different.

Park Dogyeong (cast. Kim Jin Woo)

He is the eldest grandson of Ora Group. He has to succeed to the presidency of Ora Group for his missing cousin brother, but he knows that he has neither interest nor talent for the position. When he is transferred to the US office, he goes to see Esther for the last time and dies in a car accident.

Kim Namjun (cast. Zin Tae Hyun)

He is the chief secretary of Ora Group's President Park. Since he was selected as Ora Group's scholarship student, he has been on a fast track at work. While Park Doyeong is unconscious after the accident, he gains a foothold in Ora Group, but when Dogyeong wakes up after 5 years, his plan to become the successor goes wrong.

Jang Esther (cast. Ha Yeonjoo)

She is a curator of Ora Art Gallery. She grew up in the same orphanage as Suho, and she relied a lot on him. She gets pregnant with Park Dogyeong's child, but she is forced to break up with him by his mother Aera. When Dogyeong dies in a mysterious car accident, she switches Suho with Dogyeong.

Jo Aera (Lee Seungyeon)

She is the director of Ora Art Gallery. When her father's business declined, she got married to Gangcheol without love. Because she wants her son Dogyeong to inherit Ora Group, she keeps a wary eye on Namjun, who is favored by her father-in-law. When her son gets in a car crash, she makes Esther, who is pregnant with his child, as her daughter-in-law, albeit disagreeably.

Behind the Scenes

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