Mother of Mine

  • Genre : Drama Series
  • Premiere on KBSWorld : 20190330
  • Number of Episodes :
  • Runtime : '
  • Showtime : Sat-Sun 21:00 | Re-run : Thu-Sun 11:10, Sun-Mon 02:20, 06:30 (Seoul, UTC+9)


This is a story of a mother and a daughter living in Korea in this era.


Park Seonja (cast. Kim Haesuk)

She is a traditional Korean mother who endured a bigoted husband, a viperous mother-in-law, and poverty. She lived a dogged and restless life because she did not want to pass down her misfortune to her three daughters. In addition to running her own restaurant, she helps out her eldest daughter as a babysitter and housekeeper. She has been busy all her life, and she dreams of living in comfort with her daughters one day.

Gang Miri (Cast. Kim So Yeon)

She is the second daughter of Park Seonja. She is a highly educated and qualified alpha woman who enjoys a large income. She feels bad about her mother, who suffered many hardships throughout her entire life. She strives hard to show someone how a woman can become successful with her own strength and skills.