A Place in the Sun

  • Genre : Drama Series
  • Premiere on KBSWorld : 20190610
  • Number of Episodes :
  • Runtime : 40'
  • Showtime : Mon-Fri 21:30 | Re-run : Tue-Sat 04:25, 09:25 (Seoul, UTC+9)


Starting from 1997 currency crisis, 2008 financial crisis… and 2019, we are living in the time where winning is the only option. KBS drama <A Place in the Sun> is a story about a man who was once hit the bottom returns to take what he was taken in the economic war…


Oh Taeyang / Kim Yoowol (cast. Oh Chang Seok)

He was an orphan who had a harsh childhood but with support of Si-wol, he was hired in Korea’s largest accounting firm. He even promised to marry Si-wol but while he was digging into Yangji group’s window dressing scandal, he is involved in a car crash. He was lucky enough to be rescued by Duk-sil. After he is saved, he was shocked to see Si-wol and the vice president of Yangji group getting married. 10 years after, Yu-wol lives under a new identity of Tae-yang Oh now, and with his spectacular sense of money, he became a successful business man. But he could not satisfy until he takes control of Yangji group…

Yoon Siwol (cast. Yoon So-Yi)

She loved Yu-wol’s pure eyes and supported him for all her life. She was very proud of Yu-wol who resolved to fight against Yanji Group’s corruption. After Yu-wol’s death, she felt in her bones that it was not just a simple car accident. She intended to disclose all the dirty secrets of Yanji group’s vice president Tae-jun and end her life but she realizes that she has Yu-wol’s child in her and changes her mind and promises herself revenge. She now is using Gwang-il, Tae-jun’s son and heir of Yangji group for her revenge toward Tae-jun…

Choi Kwangil (cast. Choi Sung-Jae)

Gwang-il was raised to become the heir of Yangji group. However, he feels rebel against his father Tae-jun who is so obsessed with his succession. His father tried to make arranged marriage for Gwang-il but in the end, Gwang-il marries Si-wol whom he truly loved. However, starting with dot-com bubble, he starts to lose his place in the company. When he found out that his neighbor Tae-yang is trying to take away everything he has including Si-wol, he starts a war for his fate.

Chae Duksil (cast. Ha Si Eun)

When her company bankrupted due to currency crisis, she headed to river to throw herself in the river wishing drown to death but she finds a guy who is actually being drowned in river. The guy could save his life but he had nowhere to go and had no memories. She had no choice but to take care of him at her house. Duk-sil also helps him to live with new identity of Tae-yang and participates in Tae-yang’s business as well. Meanwhile she starts to grow feelings toward him…

Behind the Scenes

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