The Return of Superman

  • Genre : Entertainment
  • Premiere on KBSWorld : 2013.12.15
  • Number of Episodes :
  • Runtime : 100'
  • Showtime : Sun 18:00|Re-run: Mon 01:00, 08:00, Wed 16:50, Sat 05:30 (Seoul, UTC+9)


No dad is bad in the beginning! Our fathers are alienated by their families and treated indifferently by their children! Now as they spend 48 hours without Mom, we’ll see their tear-filled child-rearing challenge! Star fathers return home of their own free will! These work-focused fathers are returning to their rightful place on 'The Return of Superman'.

Behind the Scenes

Seungjae's new uncle is Taiwanese top star Jasper Liu (Liu Yi How)? [The Return of Superman]
On the upcoming episode of 'The Return of Superman', Taiwanese actor Jasper Liu (Liu Yi How) will visit Seungjae's house and spend a day with him! Once he arrives at the airport, Ja...
Seungjae is an intern at his dad's company?! [The Return of Superman
On the upcoming episode of 'The Return of Superman,' Seungjae will intern at his dad Jiyong's company for one day. In the photos, Seungjae is smiling brightly and showing off his em...
Seol-Su-Dae try authentic Muay Thai experience! [The Return of Superman]
On the upcoming episode of 'The Return of Superman,' Lee Donggook's five children visit a Muay Thai gym together. They are fully equipped with colorful hair bands, gym clothes and gloves t...



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