UP10TION’s Wooshin captured attention by his Park BoGum-alike appearance

# K-POP 2015.10.13 View : 6152

The rookie boy group UP10TION, who made a debut with “Top Secret” on last September, held an album showcase on October 9 prior to its upcoming album release. During the show, 10 members prepared dance, songs, individual skills to introduce themselves.

Particularly, UP10TION’s Wooshin captured public attention by his Park BoGum-alike appearance. MC Dingdong mentioned, “Wooshin looks like TEENTOP’s Chunji and actor Park Bogum.” Then, Wooshin answered, “I like both of them, so I feel a bit pressured when people say that.”

Then, the host asked Wooshin to show some facial expressions for fans. He suggested ‘killer smile’ first. Then ‘aegyo’ and ‘charisma’ were followed. Lastly, Wooshin made a small heart with his hands as a ‘heart racing pose’ and ended his PR time.