Band N.Flying to prepare a music delivery event

# K-POP 2015.10.19 View : 4535

Band N.Flying(consists of Lee SeungHyub, Kwon KwangJin, Cha Hun and Kim JaeHyun) meets its fans with a LIVE music delivery project prior to its upcoming comeback.

N.Flying announced this new project "We'll come to you" on its official website(http://fncent.com/nflying) which they prepared to celebrate its first single "Lonely" release.

"We'll come to you" is a group's special event. In the poster it says, "Among the applicants, winners will be selected through a lottery and N.Flying will come to see the winners." The winners will be randomly chosen, then the members visit the winners to deliver comfort through sweet music including its new single title "Lonely."

Meanwhile, N.Flying's music delivery project "We'll come to you" can be applied by October 31 via N.FLYING official email (nflying@fncent.com).

[Photo Credit: FNC Entertainment]


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