BTOB to meet their fans for the first time in Jeju

# K-POP 2015.10.26 View : 5316

On October 25, BTOB held an official fan meeting to celebrate its 7th mini album ‘I Mean’ release at Jeju Film & Art Center. It was first time for the members to have a fan meeting in Jeju. Particularly, Yuk Seongjae, the youngest member, also participated in who has been busy filming the drama to spend a special time with the fans.

People who joined the event came not only from Jeju, but from various regions only to meet their idol stars. All members signed autographs one by one for their fans to say thank you for their support.

Also, BTOB practiced Jeju local dialect to show their fans such as hon-jeo-op-seo-ye(Welcome), mwo-haem-su-kkwa(What are you doing?) and achieved great responses from them. Some members sang at the spot; Seo EunKwang sang Lim Changjung’s “Love Again,” Lee Changseob sang Taeyeon’s ‘I,’ and finally Yuk Seongjae perforemd Kyuhyun’s “A Million Pieces.”

When the event was over, BTOB members stated, “We prepared quite a long time for this fan meeting, but time flied. Thank you for the fans who came all the way to Jeju to see us. Please look forward to meeting us here in Jeju in the near future. Thank you!”


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