EXID to return with mini album in November

# K-POP 2015.11.04 View : 5919

K-pop girl group EXID announced its upcoming comeback in November.

The group unveiled each member’s videos previewing its comeback with a new digital single on its official SNS accounts.

In the first video with some hashtags “where am I?” “the answer is a recording studio,” “coming soon,” Junghwa shows up and says “Can you guess why we are here?” and “I won’t tell you.” in aegyo voice. Then, Hani appears who seems to find that Junghwa’s aegyo absurd.

Another member Hyerin shows up in the second video saying “Please look forward to our new mini album. It won’t take that long! Bye~!” Finally, in the last video, while Hyerin is dancing, Hani is smiling together, but she suddenly shows a straight face making the viewers also laugh.

The group’s management agency Yedang Company mentioned, “EXID has been busy to return to the music scene in November. Also, the MV shoot is scheduled on November 5 and 6. Please look forward to the group’s new mini album.”


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