'Fight' Will Seolhui & Juman get back together? [Fight for My Way]

# Drama 2017.07.05 View : 2885

Even though they've broken up, Juman keeps sticking around Seolhui. He leaves fruits and a stuffed toy in front of her door, presses the doorbell, and runs away. He also gives her advice about the comments on her blog.

Meanwhile, Yejin comes to Seolhui and explains how Juman really feels. She tells her that she and Juman never really had a thing.

Juman and Seolhui participate in the company get-together dinner. When Seolhui says to Chanho that she's broken up with her ex-boyfriend, Juman feels hurt. Then an accident occurs! Juman dives to save Seolhui. That night, Seolhui rings Juman's doorbell.

Are they going to work out their problems? Stay tuned!


[Fight for My Way]

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