'Fight' The real reason why Hyeran lives upstairs of Dongman is... [Fight for My Way]

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On the upcoming episode of 'Fight for My Way,' Aera finds out the real reason why Hyeran moved into the upstairs of Dongman's flat.

The fact that Dongman's ex-girlfriend is living right above him keeps bothering Aera. Then Aera hears some noise coming from Hyeran's flat and thinks that Hyeran might be trying to end her life. Aera rushes to Hyeran's flat and tells her to die someplace else 60 years later. But it turns out that Aera just has wild imaginations.

Aera then sees bills piled up in Hyeran's house. She says to Hyeran, "The rumors said that you got a heck of a lot of money in the divorce settlement." Hyeran responds, "Why? Because I'm gold digger, as people say? I said I don't need any money whatsoever and walked out."

She's in this cheap flat because she's penniless! This is not what Aera imagined!

Stay tuned to find out about more secrets!                                                      

[Fight for My Way]

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