'Fight' Bokhui is Aera's birth mother, as expected! [Fight for My Way]

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Aera makes mackerel stew and serves it to Bokhui. Aera shares her childhood memories related to mackerel stew and her parents. Well, it turns out that Bokhui was the one who used to make this stew for her. Bokhui starts to tear up as the memories of her past come flooding back to her, and she sends Aera away.

Back in the past, Bokhui wanted to become an actress so bad, so she neglected young Aera and debuted, but she was branded as an porn actress because of one nude scene that she shot.

One day, she saw a newspaper article about her being a single mother, with a picture of Aera. Furious, Bokhui goes to see the director and yells at him, "You call yourselves human? How could you do this to me? Why did you have to drag my daughter into this? You made me a porn actress just because of one nude scene. You've cut me into pieces. You killed my career. And now I can't even be a mother for my child?" She desperately didn't want Aera to be branded as a daughter of a porn star, and she leaves to Japan.

Bokhui falls in a deep sorrow as she looks at her old family photograph. Namil tries to persuade her to go to Japan with him.


[Fight for My Way]

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