Goodbye for 2 years! Actor Im Siwan joins the army.

# K-POP 2017.07.12 View : 3269

Actor Im Siwan from ZE:A is off to the army as an active-duty soldier.

Siwan appeared in front of the crowd of fans and reporters with his hair clipped short. Siwan said, "I cut my hair today. It wasn't that weird since I've cut my hair a few times for movies."

Many celebrities cheered for Siwan, including Kwang Hee who is serving in the army currently.

Siwan said, "Kwang Hee was on leave, and he called me to say good luck."

Siwan said his words of good-bye, "I will be back safely."

He will receive basic military training for 5 weeks and then be stationed at his camp.


[Image source: Plum Entertainment]


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