WINNER, showing boyish charm!

# K-POP 2017.08.02 View : 4103

WINNER revealed boyish group teaser cut ahead of their comeback!

In the photo, all members of WINNER had white shirts and shorts fashion which seems fresh and clean enough. WINNER will be coming back with double title songs ‘LOVE ME LOVE ME’ and ‘ISLAND’ on August 4th.

‘LOVE ME LOVE ME’ is a disco type song which was reinterpreted to WINNER’s style. It has an addictive chorus, too. ‘ISLAND’, on the other hand, has totally different style, dance and tropical genre with an impressive lyric about ‘ISLAND’.

Every member participated in both writing and composing for two of these title songs.

Are you looking forward to meeting them? Let’s wait for them together!

[Image Source : YG Entertainment]


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