"We're proud to be Girls' Generation." Members share their honest thoughts.

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Through the teaser images and videos, Girls' Generation not only revealed their album concept but shared how they feel facing their 10th debut anniversary.  

Sunny: "I'm glad I have the members. They know all about my sufferings."

Taeyeon: "To me, Girls' Generation is like a country. I hope the members feel the same way about the group. I hope we get to try various things within Girls' Generation. One by one."

Seohyun: "I think it's a fate that we have met like this. I'm really grateful to have met these people. I'm sure the others feel the same way. Now I can tell what the members are thinking, how they feel and how they're going to act without them telling me."

Sooyoung: "I think I could come this far because I had 7 people who have lived with the same feelings and thoughts as me for 10 years. There are 7 people who can figure out what I mean and how I feel when I say anything."

Hyoyeon: "It's obvious I am who I am today because I am a member of Girls' Generation. Ten years, I think the time flied too fast. I wish we would have enjoyed the moments more."

Yuri: "It's funny how every member has a different way of cheering up the others, which means that I always have seven various and effective solutions around me. We've always wished to be Girls' Generation, and we wish to be Girls' Generation in the future, and forever. I think it's very meaningful to spend a period of time together."

Tiffany: "Girls' Generation's charm is that we're unchanging. We're the same. 'Oh my gosh, You're iconic!' I wanted to say this to the members. I'm so proud of them. I hope we are all proud of the fact we are Girls' Generation. I am. Now, and forever."

Yoona: "If I was just Yim Yoona, not Girls' Generation, I think I would be a lot different from now. I could have many opportunities and experiences because I was Girls' Generation's Yoona. If I weren't a member of Girls' Generation, I think I would be envious of GIrls' Generation. I would feel lonely as a solo artist."

Meanwhile, Girls' Generation will have a 10th anniversary fan meeting 'GIRLS´ GENERATION 10th Anniversary - Holiday to Remember' on August 5th, where they will perform their new songs, including 'All Night' and 'Holiday.'


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